Baumhaus Concepts Limited

About Baumhaus

Established in 2015, Baumhaus is the first company in Hong Kong to merge high-quality facilities with international award-winning music programs, within a concept of creative child development and community engagement. Its family-oriented philosophy and
the community-centered approach has been embraced so strongly by families in Hong Kong, both locals and expatriates alike.

The Baumhaus Concepts revolves around the combination of a holistic creative arts education centre, merged with a family recreation space. In its complete set-up, a Baumhaus creative arts space would be comprised of:


Facilities for Children
& Adults

A high-quality wooden playroom, designed and imported from Germany, following the highest EU standards on safety, and catering to children from babies to 6 year olds. Our coffee lounge offers food and drink menus and facilities to bring convenience to mealtimes for the whole family.


Creative Arts and Locomotive Programs

Interactive programs in music, movement, language, and drama that encourage self-expression and confidence. Led by professionals well-versed in education, family care, and performing arts.


Cultivating Community

Engage and grow the Baumhaus community via events, workshops, seminars, and meet-ups.
Develop partnerships with businesses and NGOs to encourage and assist community-building in their own way.

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We believe that when a child is raised in a community, it leaves a lifelong impression. Like an invisible hand guiding the child, she/he will have the confidence and courage to make a difference in society, in her/his own way.

Meet Our Founders

Managing Director

With a background in technical management in the shipping industry, Carsten’s passion is in educating the next generation to become the architects of their own lives. He is bringing in the operational excellence.

Head of Learning and Development

Professional stage and screen actor, singer, and educator with over 20 years of experience in developing creative childhood education programs. Driven by connecting people and engaging with communities through the arts.