Benefits to Families & Students

Kindermusik activities developed based on children ‘s development stages. The research-based curriculum focuses on whole-child development and helps you understand how your child is developing musically, cognitively, and socially.

We focus on different musical concepts, genres, and styles that help foster a lifelong love of and appreciation for the music itself. All the activities across all the learning domains (including cognition, language, movement, music skills, sensory awareness, and social-emotion). Also, Kindermusik activities encourage problem-solving, symbolic thinking, reasoning, and more—all in a musically engaging and developmentally appropriate way.

Strengthening Family Connections
The program package also included the Kindermusik@home materials. The addition of Kindermusik@Home materials encourages family involvement, facilitating at-home learning and creating opportunities for caregivers to get involved in their child’s education. Families can learn fun songs to sing throughout the day, encouraging bonding and offering further support for social-emotional development. Kindermusik@Home also provides opportunities for non-English speaking families to learn English together in an engaging, joyful way.